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When we start a project, whether it's a completely new app development or a revision of an existing website, we begin in one place; understanding.


Understanding a project is more than just having a meeting. We get down and into the details with you, looking into your current technology, goals and how different development approaches will affect your project. In short, we analyse every detail to ensure that no time or money is wasted when we get down to work.


Once we truly understand what the project involves, and the best methods that we can use to develop a truly fantastic product for you, we plan. We scope the project, lay out wireframes, and detail every bit of functionality required to make it work.


The final step before we head face-first into the development, is designing the experience. We always create usable, interactive designs that showcase all of the intricacies of the user experience. At the end of the day, there's nothing quite like using something to know how it works.


This is the tough part. Our developers spend every waking hour hand writing each line of code and perfecting the product for you. We never use templates, so the experience is as adaptible as possible.


No development is complete without in-depth testing. We live test every part of the website or app to ensure that it works perfectly. Then we release it to you for beta testing.


Finally, the end is here. We release the website or app into the world, setting up the necessary servers, stores and security measures to bring it all together.

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Projects & Experience

Designing successful apps and websites takes more than just saying you can. It takes knowledge, experience, and a deep understanding of how technology and people work together. Our experience speaks for itself.

Manuva Web Platform and App

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Knack Web and App Platform...

Business Productivity for the Masses Knack is a business productivity platform aimed at small and medium businesses. It was conceived as a side proje...

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Why we Build Custom

Why do we only build custom solutions? When clients commission us to build their apps or websites, we care more about creating a fantastic product that stands out from the crowded marketplace than we do about making a quick buck. We work closely with our clients to make sure that their business is successful, and because we're specialists, they get our dedicated attention.


Using a ready built CMS platform to construct a website seems like a great idea, but ready made systems can't be adapted to your needs. You end up sacrificing the quality of your digital presence to fit in with what it can do, and ultimately sacrificing your business success.


Most app developments are substantial, and time consuming. They are often broken up into multiple phases, where complex requirements are added later. Customised development means that we can plan for these phases in advance. It ends up taking less time and working better because we know how to prepare the project.


How successful do you think Uber would have been if it copied standard app designs already on the market? A successful app is built for purpose. It's intuitive, makes sense to even the most technologically challenged user, and most importantly, ensures people come back for more.


That's right. We care about your bottom line. We know that your website is your storefront. And we know how to make sure that people walk into your store and buy something. Just like everything in life, you get what you pay for. And when your business looks the same as everybody else's, your bottom line suffers.

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