When Small Businesses Should Build a Mobile App

When should you build an app? We get a lot of people contacting us and claiming to have a good idea, but no money and no idea how to make it. So what are the things that you should consider before heading into app development?


An idea isn't enough

Like all businesses, just having an idea doesn't mean much. No matter how great your idea might be. You need a plan. What is your business model? How will your app generate revenue? What will it take to build your app? Be realistic about your expectations and do your research properly. After all, it's better to know what you're getting yourself in to.


Commit your own resources

Going off to an app development company (such as our own) and expecting them to put forward their costly time and resouces just because you have an idea isn't going to happen. Before anybody else can commit to a project, you must do so first. You need to demonstrate your own preparedness to throw everything you have at your business, including your hard earned money and limited time.

Understand your market

Do your research. Is there really a market for your app? If so, how big is it and what will it take to penetrate the market? Like all new products, you will innevitably need to do marketing, research and get stuck in for the long term. Before you do any of that, you need to know whether people will buy into it.

Know what you're doing

To create a great app, it's important that you understand something of how your product is created. You may not be a developer, but doing some courses on basic app development will go a long way towards helping you identify what is possible, and how the work will be produced.


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