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As the premier app development company in South Africa, we design and build customised apps around great user experiences and business goals.

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We design and build complex apps around great UX designs that engage users and achieve business goals. Our development team has over a decade of software development experience, across web and app designs and builds.

Research & Planning

App developments are large, complex projects. To create a product that people enjoy using, and that your business can rely on, we start with understanding your goals and how you would like to achieve them.

The first stage in any app development is to meet and talk about what you want to build, and most importantly, what you need to achieve. Discovery is the process we follow to understand and analyse what we can do for your company.

We'll propose a plan and hierarchy that works for your product. This may include important considerations such as user flow, technology stack, and hardware infrastructure.

With every app development, we build a scope of work that details everything from the micro features to be built all the way up to timelines. And we stick to it.


Every app that we develop us custom built for the requirements at hand. We don't outsource to India and we don't take shortcuts. We build apps around user experiences and with the highest quality of workmanship possible.

Wireframes & Layouts
Designing any great experience begins with a simple layout of how it will look, identifying the hierarchies, user flow and integrated features. We build customised UX designs for the best possible user experience.

Live Designs
Working with web and digital products requires more than flat designs. We build interactive examples of the designs to demonstrate the full range of experiences, and how the completed project will come together.

Creative Guides
When you have an in-house or dedicated team of developers who will continuously work on your product or website, providing them with a documented approach to the design philosophy ensures that they develop consistently.

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Once we've scoped and designed an app project, we get to work on the development. Building an app is complex, and integrations are difficult. We work hard to build and test every app that we develop to the highest possible standards.

Key to any app is the ability to harness the power of the hardware in the phone. Depending on your project, this might include geolocation, security features, camera functionality and more to create the ultimate, simplest user experience.

Backend Systems
Many people don't think about the management of their app once its built. We do. Every app project gets its own administrative dashboard that allows you to control and manage the users and data. You always have full control of your app.

We also understand that not everybody knows how to create an app store listing, security certificates and the various things that go with it. We'll manage this entire process for you.

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Projects & Experience

Designing successful apps and websites takes more than just saying you can. It takes knowledge, experience, and a deep understanding of how technology and people work together. Our experience speaks for itself.



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Why we Build Custom

Why do we only build custom solutions? When clients commission us to build their apps or websites, we care more about creating a fantastic product that stands out from the crowded marketplace than we do about making a quick buck. We work closely with our clients to make sure that their business is successful, and because we're specialists, they get our dedicated attention.


Using a ready built CMS platform to construct a website seems like a great idea, but ready made systems can't be adapted to your needs. You end up sacrificing the quality of your digital presence to fit in with what it can do, and ultimately sacrificing your business success.


Most app developments are substantial, and time consuming. They are often broken up into multiple phases, where complex requirements are added later. Customised development means that we can plan for these phases in advance. It ends up taking less time and working better because we know how to prepare the project.


How successful do you think Uber would have been if it copied standard app designs already on the market? A successful app is built for purpose. It's intuitive, makes sense to even the most technologically challenged user, and most importantly, ensures people come back for more.


That's right. We care about your bottom line. We know that your website is your storefront. And we know how to make sure that people walk into your store and buy something. Just like everything in life, you get what you pay for. And when your business looks the same as everybody else's, your bottom line suffers.

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